Meet Your Match for Free

No – we’re not talking about a new dating site, but we do have a new service available at the shop that will identify the most appropriate measurements for selecting saddles/shoes and proper sizing for your bike, creating the perfect match for you and your ride. Essentially this is a basic sizing service using new technology from Specialized known as the Retul Match. The technology utilizes 3D infrared technology to efficiently and accurately size the rider to  select the correct saddles, shoes, footbeds and can identify the most appropriate size of bike for you. Proper fit in these key areas can significantly improve your riding experience on your existing bike or on a new one!
So, how does it all work? Essentially there are three components; the Saddle Fit Device, Shoe Sizing/Footbed Tool and Match body measurements.
The Saddle Fit Device uses the latest pressure-mapping technology to determine your optimal saddle width—improving fit and making long days on the bike much more manageable. This tool contains 768 pressure sensors and accurately measures the width of your sit bones. Using these measurements along with feedback on your preferred riding experience (recreational, racing, etc.) recommendations are made to enable you to select the perfect saddle for your needs.
The Match Footbed Tool will accurately capture your foot size and arch height. This provides the ability for you select the best fitting shoe and footbeds.
footbed match (2)
For proper bike sizing the Match and its magic wand allow us to measure different body segment lengths with submillimeter accuracy delivering results in mere minutes. This process is quick, easy and insightful. You will get to keep the digitally stored results for future needs giving you the ability to confidently make the right call on size, no matter the product.


This feature is only available at the shop, this service takes only a few minutes to complete and as we mentioned before, is FREE! So come on down to the shop and “Meet Your Match”
Looking ahead, the technology available for the best fit on your bike does not stop at the Match. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post on our newest fitting service to be offered starting in February. This fitting service will utilize the latest Motion Capture technology to get you the best fit possible on your bike, using key data points you will take home with you to support the adjustments and recommendations made during the process!


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